Mediterranean Roasted Salmon

Don’t fear the fish! So many people seem to be intimidated by cooking fish at home. I used to teach a Hooked on Fish class at a local hospital and students were always amazed how easy it was to prepare fish. They left confident and ready to prepare heart healthy fish recipes.

In my opinion, salmon is the most forgiving fish to cook – it has a meaty texture yet the oily skin and flesh retain moisture. These fish oils provide omega 3 fatty acids, which protects against heart disease. More recent studies suggest salmon can also help keep the mind agile and protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

You can use a large salmon fillet or precut fillets for this recipe. Both work equally well. Just be sure that your pieces are roughly the same size and if using a large salmon fillet, simply tuck the thinner tail end underneath to minimize overcooking of that area.

Why Healthy

  • The high content of omega-3 fatty acids is what makes salmon a nutrition power food. Salmon is low in saturated fat and calories but high in protein.
  • Spinach is high in vitamin K, rich in carotenoids, vitamin C, and B6.


Salmon Florentine

Yield: Serves 4

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 20 mins


4 Salmon Fillets (6-8 ounces each) or 1 Large Fillet
Salt & Pepper To Taste
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 Garlic Cloves Minced
1 Package of Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves (8 – 10 oz)
1/2 Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes, Chopped
1/4 Cup Kalamata Olives, Pitted and Coarsely Chopped
1/2 Cup Part-Skim Ricotta Cheese
1/4 Cup Whole Wheat Panko Bread Crumbs
1/2 Tablespoon Olive Oil


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. and lightly spray a 13x9x2 inch or larger baking pan with cooking spray.
Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat, and add minced garlic, stir until soft but do not brown, about 1 minute. Add the spinach and sauté with garlic until spinach releases moisture and begins to soften, then set aside and let cool.
In a medium bowl combine the sundried tomatoes, olives and ricotta cheese.
Add the cooled spinach and mix well.
Place salmon on the baking pan and season with salt and pepper.
Pack the spinach mixture evenly on top of each fillet.
In a small bowl combine the bread crumbs and oil until bread crumbs are slightly moist.
Sprinkle on top of spinach covered fillets, patting down gently for breadcrumbs to stick.
Bake, uncovered for 15-20 minutes or until or until fish flakes easily with fork. (If using a whole fillet, it may take a little longer. The exact timing really depends on the thickness of the fillet. For small to medium thickness be sure to use the low end of the time.)


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