Mango Margarita

I am not usually one who orders mixed alcoholic beverages, but there is something very appealing about an ice cold margarita when you are dining at a Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, most of the margarita mixes sold are very high in calories and an average 10 ounce margarita can have as many as 740 calories! Yikes, that is pretty shocking don’t you think? Many folks don’t stop at one, and two drinks add up to a calorie consumption equal to what most women should consume for the whole day.

Apart from giving up margaritas altogether, there are a few tweaks you can make at home in order to continue to enjoy an occasional margarita. I decided to make a mango margarita for our recent Mexican Fiesta dinner, and I used light agave sugar in place of the simple syrup often used. I also skipped the Triple Sec or Cointreau often included as both of those liqueurs are also high in calories and I felt that the mango would add a lot of sweetness by itself. You can play with this recipe as needed to end up with the margarita of your dreams, whether you need to add more light agave, or increase the amount of lime juice used. I used fresh, diced mango, but frozen mango would work out just as well!

Why Healthy

  • Using light agave nectar as well as sweet mangoes in place of sugar is healthier for you and decreases calories.
  • Mango fruit is rich in pre-biotic dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and poly-phenolic flavonoid antioxidant compounds.
  • Lime juice is fat- and cholesterol-free, low in calories, and high in vitamin C. It also contain phytochemicals, which may help protect against cancer and other diseases.



Mango Margarita

Fresh or frozen mangos add flavor and nutrition to a margarita.

Yield: Serves 4

Prep Time: 10 mins


2 Fresh, Ripe Mangos, Peeled, Seeded & Diced (Or 10 Ounces Frozen)
1/4 Cup Fresh Lime Juice
8 Ounces Tequila
2 to 3 Tablespoons Agave Syrup
2 Limes
3/4 Cup Ice Cubes


Cut one lime in half and rub over the rim of each glass and then dip into the salt.
Place the chopped mango, agave, lime juice, tequila, and ice cubes in a blender and blend until smooth.
Taste and adjust sweetness or lime as needed.
Pour into four glasses & enjoy!


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