Why choose the name Recipe Rebuild?

Our motto is “Rebuilding Your Life One Recipe At A Time” and our goal is to bring you delicious, healthy foods and recipes with a sprinkling of nutrition articles to help you reach your healthy living goals.


Will the recipes posted here be “diet” recipes? Do you focus on low fat, or low calorie recipes?

Healthy eating can mean different things for many people but for us here at Recipe Rebuild it means a focus on fresh foods with an emphasis on healthier food choices.  Sometimes this means using fresh, local super foods and at other times it means convenient ingredients for healthy dinners in a pinch and it can also mean smaller amounts of full fat foods for maximum flavor. In all we believe in balance and moderation with lower fat, lower calorie options while maximizing flavor.


How do I submit one of my recipes to have it “rebuilt” and made healthier by Deborah & Christy?

Simply click the contact button on the upper right side of the page and post your recipe. We will try and adapt it to make it healthier without compromising on flavor.  It may not always be possible but we take our job seriously and are always up for a challenge! Post your recipe for a makeover today!


How do I ask Christy, the RD a question I may have?

Simply click on “Ask The Dietitian” and fill out the contact form.  Christy will answer your question and post her response as soon as possible.  We will not provide individual nutrition assessments or nutrition therapy but will be very happy to answer specific questions related to food and nutrition.


What makes Recipe Rebuild different from other food blogs?

Recipe Rebuild is not simply a diet recipe blog, or a nutrition site. Its purpose is to assist people in making healthier choices as well as to share great tasting recipes that are actually good for you. We believe that “diet” is most certainly a four-letter word and much prefer the idea of lifestyle changes instead. “Diet” implies deprivation of some kind and our recipes do not deprive but have improved nutritional profiles without compromising flavor.  In addition to recipe sharing, we will be posting various nutrition articles.


Where do the recipes on Recipe Rebuild come from?

The recipes posted on Recipe Rebuild are both original, and adapted from other sources such as magazines or cookbooks. If the recipe has been adapted from an outside source appropriate credit will be given.


Will Recipe Rebuild do any cookbook/product reviews or contest giveaways?

 We plan to share our views on great healthy cookbooks and products we may stumble across.  We both have cookbook addictions and we both love to try new products that come on the market so we will have plenty to report on!   If we are sent items to review we will post that we were sent them for that purpose and we will only post honest reviews. We do not have any plans to run any contest giveaways at this time, but if the opportunity arrives that we can offer our visitors a great prize, we may do so in the future.


Can I advertise on Recipe Rebuild?

Advertisers that are in line with our philosophy are welcome to inquire.


Can I share recipes and photos from Recipe Rebuild on my blog?

We work very hard to assure that our recipes are tested and we take great pride in our site.  If you would like to share our work, you may do so by asking permission first and linking back to the original recipe or article.


Can we exchange links?

The links that we post will be ones that have been reviewed personally and feel that would be of value to our visitors.  We do apologize but we do not exchange links for the simple sake of link exchange.


Thank you for visiting our site, we love feedback and would appreciate any comments on input you might have.