About Christy

Christy has 15 years of experience in clinical nutrition and nutrition education working in inpatient and outpatient settings in hospitals, long term care facilities, sports teams, private clients, schools and with various community programs. Christy earned a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and a master’s degree of nutritional science from the University of Washington. Currently as an independent nutrition consultant she has wide-ranging experience in nutrition counseling and nutrition education. As a registered dietitian concerned about the health of our up and coming generations she is committed to working with our youth. She is also passionate about youth sports nutrition, adult weight control and other nutritional issues. This is all complemented exquisitely by her love of food and cooking instruction.

Christy has experience in both pediatric and adult weight management and obesity. She does not believe in a canned approach to nutrition but focuses on a very personal approach with each client or group. Christy believes in educating and inspiring people to, without deprivation, achieve optimal health through nutrition and balanced eating. Teaching people how to eat well is her passion – be it for athletic performance, child growth and wellness or weight management.

As a Mom of 3 children, finding quick but healthy meal options is important and in fact a necessity in juggling school, sports and busy schedules.

Running a healthy food blog with her mother is something Christy cherishes and looks forward to. Deborah’s many years online with the incredibly successful, Italianfoodforever.com, complemented with Christy’s passion for health and nutrition makes this a “dynamic duo” to be on the lookout for!